Technical Writing and Media Management (B.Eng.)

A career in media with future: For young people who want to work in the media and at the same time are interested in technology, languages and organisation, the new Technical Writing and Media Management course offers exciting topics with excellent career prospects.

Unlike the majority of media careers, the career prospects for technical editors are excellent: our graduates have outstanding career prospects with a range of interesting workplaces open to them.

The job description is exceptionally diverse and interesting. Technical editors plan and organise projects. They compile texts for technical documentation or specialist publishing houses as well as creating and designing printed documents, websites, multimedia applications and even short films. A career as a technical editor requires communication as an interface between journalism and media production. Technical editors control the communication between users and manufacturers of products and have to be able to communicate competently with different target groups, as journalists also do.

Technical editors collate information about products and users, prepare the results and structure the communication process. Manual tools include digital photographing, image processing and design software as well as language itself – especially English, which allows intercultural communication.

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Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

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standard period of study 7 semesters

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Winter term (September)

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Faculty of Maschinenbau - Automatisierungstechnik

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