Basic Facts about the Chiporello Card

Where and when will I receive my Chiporello?

Your Chiporello Card will be sent to you via post as soon as you have enrolled or reregistered [Rückmeldung] at the university and your semester payment has been credited to the account of the South Westphalia UAS. Please ensure that your address information is up to date in the Virtual Service Centre.

What versions of the Chiporello are available?

You can either opt for a Chiporello card with a photo or without. Both versions provide your name and your matriculation number.

If you decide not to opt for any Chiporello, this will lead disadvantages in your student life. Not having a Chiporello Card will mean being unable to pay cashless in the cafeterias and to borrow books from the university library, being unable to use university printers and copiers and to receive free printing credits.

How long is my Chiporello valid?

Because of the expiry date of the payment chip, the Chiporello is valid for five years at the most. The expiry data is stated on the card. You do not have to renew it for every new semester. If you complete your studies or are no longer enrolled as a student, you must hand in your Chiporello Card to the Student Service Office.

How much does the Chiporello cost?

The Chiporello Card is free. Only if you need a new Card due to your own negligence, e.g. if it is broken, lost or stolen, the university will ask you to pay a renewal fee of 10 Euros.

Changing card information data

The Chiporello I have received has incorrect information printed on it. How can I get this corrected?

Please fill out the application form below and inform your local Student Service Office.

Application for Replacement of the Chiporello

My name has changed (due to marriage, divorce etc.). Do I receive a new Chiporello Card?

Yes, in this case you have the right to receive a new card free of charge. Please fill out the application form below and inform your local Student Service Office. Make sure you bring proof of your changed status (marriage licence or other documentation).

Application for Replacement of the Chiporello

I have moved to a new address. Do I need to have my Chiporello changed?

No, as your address information is not registered on your Chiporello card. But make sure you inform the Student Service Center about your change of address.

Problems with your Chiporello Card.

What do I do if I lose my card?

Block the card as soon as possible. You will be able to do this at the Student Office locally or via phone. Maybe someone has found your card and has handed it in (see below). Hint: Sometimes cards are handed in to the Mensa Cashiers, in the library or in the AStA.
In case your Chiporello has to be replaced you have to pay a fee of ten Euros and fill out the application form below.

Application for a new Chiporello

What do I do if I find someone else’s Chiporello Card?

If you find it in the Mensa, please hand it in to the cashiers there. If you find it somewhere else on campus, please hand it in to your local Student Service Office.

Payment Chip - using your Chiporello as an electronic purse

Where can I use the electronic purse of my Chiporello?

You can pay using your electronic purse in the Mensa, the university libraries and in the IT Support offices. In the future, you will also be able to pay for photocopying and printing. You can also pay for small amounts in more than 400.000 retail outlets in Germany.

How can I recharge my electronic purse?

You have to use an EC debit card to add money into your electronic purse. Money loading terminals are available at the following locations:


The loading terminal is in Building H, Basement, to the right of the entrance to the Mensa.


One loading terminal is in Building 6 and one in Building 12, in the entrance hall.


The loading terminal is in the Foyer.


The loading terminal is in Lindenstr. 53, Building 8.

How much money can I add to my purse?

The minimal money upload is 10 euros, the overall maximum in the purse is 200 euros.

What happens to my electronic purse, if I lose my Chiporello?

Caution: The electronic purse is like a real purse, if the card is lost, the money on it is also lost.

What happens to the money charged onto my card if I complete my studies or drop out of my course at the university?

As you have to hand back the card at the end of your studies, please make sure you use up your credit before you hand it in. The university cannot return the credit to you.
However you can still pay for small amounts in retail outlets in Germany within the next six months after your exmatriculation.

Using the Chiporello as your library card

How soon can I start using the Chiporello as my library card?

In order to be able to use the card for library services (e.g. borrowing books), you must register it once for this purpose at your local library. Please go to the helpdesk of your local university library.

Access to electronic resources and suggesting a title to the library can be done without registering the Chiporello as your library card.

What happens to my old library card?

If you had a library card before your Chiporello, you can hand it in at the library. Cards for taking out laboratory equipment will remain valid.