Dr. Fei Yin


Modulbeschreibung: International Trade and Law

Qualifikationsziele des Moduls:

When completing this course, students will:

1. Establish general picture of operation of international trade;

2. Understand the key international trade laws, rules and customs in the process of import and export business operations;

3. Have knowledge of international trade risks;

4. Demonstrate the skills of business negotiation, be able to establish and fulfill import or export contract;

5. Deal with the claims properly;

6. Know how to implement company’s intention in the real business world.

Inhalte des Moduls:

1. Introduction

1) Import and Export Procedure

2) Main laws of International Trade

3) CISG (UN Convention for International Sales of Goods)

2. Trade Terms and Pricing

1) Incoterms 2010

2) Quotation and Application

3. Shipment for International Trade

1) International Ocean Shipment

2) Shipping Document

3) Other Shipment Modes

4. International Payment

1) Financial Instrument

2) Remittance and Collection

3) Letter of Credit and UCP 600

5. International Trade Contract

1) Formation of Contract

2) Remedies for Breach of Contract

Verwendete Literatur:

CISG, Incoterms 2010, UCP600

Weitere Empfehlungen:

Any books in the library related to International Trade and International Trade Practice. Any international trade cases resources could be found at the following website:




Lehrsprache: Englisch

Art der Prüfung/ Voraussetzung für die Vergabe von Leistungspunkten (CP):

Project Presentation or written Report