Building History

The Military Church in 1954: The Church was built after the second world war.

The Military Church in 1992 : The Church was inaugurated as a high voltage laboratory

The Military Church at present: The Building has been operating as a place for training young engineers in the field of high voltage engineering

1989 - After the political events, the wall between east and west germany had fallen and the allied forces had been disbanded. In Soest, Rumbeke barrack was emptied and there were possibilities to turn the emptied barrack into a university.

1992 - While the inhabitants were celebrating Körbecke Festival, the 500 kV high voltage transformer was put insde the church through a hole on the roof. In the same year, The high voltage laboratory was officially inaugurated from an old military church

1995 - "Hochschulcampus" at Lübecker Ring continued to expand to be an oriented university for training young engineers