Benefits and Costs

We create value for your company. Our solutions to your problems:

+ Good fit: we offer tailor-made application-oriented research and development

+ Modern : based on latest technologies, computer vision (CV) and Computational Intelligence (CI) - leads to the modernization of your product range

+ Remain comprehensible: we offer training and retraining of your staff on the job with a certificate and ECTS *

+ Evolve in partnership: transfer of know-how via heads - a staff member from the institute in your company guarantees the continuity in the transfer

+ Making your company strong: strengthen the competitive ability of your company

Economic benefits speak for us:

  • We process economically and good, we cooperate with you for your application-oriented research and development projects

  • Our offers are usually significantly cheaper than the competition

  • Young and dedicated staff members (average age of 27 years) in a team with experienced professionals (average 20 years of professional experience) provide an economical completion of the research and development contracts

  • ECTS: Credit points for a Master's degree in Europe for successful participants in the training and further training in the area of CV & CI. The prerequisite is an academic degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or industrial engineering in a European university and at least 2 years of professional practice. Thus the training course will be recognized as a higher education course.

Institut for Computer Science, Vision and Computational Intelligence