i.green - Institut für Green Technology & Ländliche Entwicklung

i.green, the institute for Green Technology & Rural Development is a cross-departmental research-institute at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences of the faculties

  • agriculture
  • electrical power-engineering
  • mechanical and automation engineering

located in Soest. It is intended to expand the co-operations both internally to other departments and external organisations.


The institute is functionally based on two key research areas namely “Rural Development” and “Green Technology”.
By means of

  • professional research and
  • marketing of scientific results

the engineering and agricultural competences of the university campus Soest are being strengthened.
In addition to that i.green will form alliances with partners in the economy, associations and policy makers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Institute for Green Technology & Rural Development [i.green]
Fachhochschule Südwestfalen
University of Applied Sciences
Lübecker Ring 2
59494 Soest

Fax: +49 2929 378-3155
eMail: igreen@fh-swf.de

Dr. Ralf Biernatzki
Managing Director
Tel: +49 2929 378-3150
eMail: biernatzki.ralf@fh-swf.de

Dr. Luisa Vogt
Rural Development
Tel: +49 2921 378-3151
eMail: vogt.luisa@fh-swf.de

Wolfgang Stauss
Green Technology
Tel: +49 2921 378-3152
eMail: stauss.wolfgang@fh-swf.de