Annotation on the application procedure via uni-assist


Please register in uni-assist´s online portal. Create your application form in your online account and send it to uni-assist electronically. Once this is done, please send your remaining documents to uni-assist:

Fachhochschule Südwestfalen
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

There is no special own application form from Fachhochschule Südwestfalen. Please use the application form from uni-assist.

If you apply for several universities via assist, they need your documents only once.

Incomplete applications can not be finished by uni-assist. Please address your questions concerning the compilation of your application for Fachhochschule Südwestfalen to uni-assist.

The Exceptional Regulations caused by the Coronavirus offers that it will be enough for the winter semester 2021/2022 to upload the required application documents on the uni-assist portal. Please note, that we reserve the right to randomly check your original documents. Therefore, please make sure to bring the original documents to Germany. If you are not able to submit those or if we notice that forgeries have been uploaded, we reserve the right to exmatriculate you with immediate effect.


You can not change your application once it has been dealt with by uni-assist. Corrections have to be sent by mail until closing date for application:contact details.

Fees and payment

The handling fees are charged per university and per semester. This means that you pay the handling fees only once per semester and per university – regardless of the number of degree courses you apply to at the same university.

All documents and the handling fee have to be submitted to uni-assist before the expiration of the application deadline. Only these applications will be evaluated. Ideally, you send your payment on the same day you send your application.Kindly note that bank holidays or internal processing may delay your payment. Only the date your payment arrives at uni-assist is crucial for meeting the deadline, not the date you sent the payment.

Regulation of fees

Methods of payment

Bank account details of uni-assist

Further process

If you fulfil the formal requirements for the application, uni-assist will pass on your application to Fachhochschule Südwestfalen.

From here you will receive an admissions letter or a rejection letter with further information.

Note: When applying for a Master’s course, it will take a few weeks to issue the notification letters as the faculty has to check the prerequisites first.

If you do not meet the formal requirements, uni-assist will inform you accordingly. Unfortunately, your application documents cannot be returned. Uni-assist keeps the documents until the end of the year following the receipt of your application. If you apply again within this period of time, you will only have to upload the application form, and if necessary submit missing documents.

Your data is available only for uni-assist and for the universities you applied for via uni-assist. Uni-assist saves your data for four years, afterwards your personal data will be eraised. If you are admitted but do not enrol, your data will be kept for one year and the eraised. Documents can not be returned.