Scholarships for final year of study

Student scholarships for foreign students in their final year of study

The International Office at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences issues grants to foreign students in the final year of their studies from funds provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst or "DAAD" for short).


The aim of student scholarships is to enable foreign students who suffer hardship through no fault of their own to concentrate on their studies and graduation by providing financial support.


Sponsorship duration:

Support usually lasts for 3 months.

Sponsorship amount:

Grants are usually €250 per month for students studying for a Bachelor's degree and €300 per month for those studying for a Master's.

Selection procedure:

A selection committee at the university decides on the awarding of scholarships based on the documentation submitted in accordance with the provisions of the DAAD and the International Office.

Selection criteria include the likelihood of graduation within one year, financial need and academic performance.

The committee will only consider applications that have been fully filled out and signed, to which copies of all the requested evidence concerning factual and financial circumstances have been attached.

The decision of the selection committee is final. Notification of the acceptance and rejection of applications is performed in writing, and without the provision of justification. There is no legal claim to the scholarship or payments under the scholarship.

Application deadlines:

Application and information:

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