Postgraduate part-time Business Law (LL.M.)

Programme description (brief)

The Postgraduate part-time Business Law does not follow on from a previous Bachelor course in economic law, but rather communicates legal knowledge and complementary interdisciplinary qualifications for people in full-time employment in industry, economic fields and administrative roles, who have completed a degree in an economic, scientific, engineering or humanities field in particular. The course is aimed at fortifying the students' knowledge in the fields of economic law and their abilities to develop interdisciplinary problem solutions and to qualify them for further professional promotions to managerial positions or administrative functions with high degrees of legal duties in companies and administrations. The Master qualification opens up new career paths for higher service and doctorates.

Mailinglist and online application

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Language of instruction


Course length
standard period of study 5 semesters

Beginning of course
summer term (March)

Application deadline
Application periods and deadlines

Study fee
1.050,- Euro each semester

Further information
Faculty of Technische Betriebswirtschaft

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