Part-time Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Programme description (brief)

In the part-time early childhood education, the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences draws on many years in experience in extra-occupational courses and offers this course in cooperation with the institute for combined studies.

A combined course is a university qualification which can be completed at the same time as working or completing vocational training. In addition to self-study units, there are generally 14 Saturdays where presence is required. In addition, workshops and/or exams may be held on up to 5 weekdays per 6 months of study.

The Combined Course in Early Education teaches the knowledge required for promoting development on the basis of humanities and elementary didactics. In addition to traditional early pedagogical subjects, the combined course also focuses on areas of scientific and engineering education. Alongside the pedagogical qualification, the students also develop skills in the field of project, quality and social management, in order to qualify them for managerial positions in early education facilities such as child daycare facilities.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

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Course length
standard period of study 7/9 semesters

Beginning of course
Winter term (September)

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Wissenschaftliches Zentrum Frühpädagogik (WZF)

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