Part-time Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.)

Programme description (brief)

Our work, our day-to-day activities and our lifestyle are enormously influenced by electrical engineering. Its wide-ranging influence extends from energy providers to information carriers. Nevertheless, it is often barely even noticed. Or at least, not consciously.

As an impulse generator for technical advancement, electrical engineering has a key role to play. The electrical engineering spectrum is very diverse, encompassing the development and use of electrical and electronic building components and switches, the measurement of electrical and non-electrical parameters, electrical drive systems, electrical energy supply, electronic data processing, communication technology, the structure, function and communication of computer systems and software development for complicated technical tasks.

Corresponding to the diverse fields of applications in electrical engineering, the career possibilities for electrical engineers are equally varied. The employment fields range from the development of electronic switches and building components for applications in the industrial and consumer sectors to energy economics and IT right up to service tasks and environmental protection.

The focus of the part-time Course in Electrical Engineering is on automation technology. This is complemented by selection options from other fields.

The combined course is an innovative course as it is a university qualification which can be completed at the same time as working or completing vocational training. In addition to self-study phases, which form approx. 70% of the course, there are also regular on-site learning phases with required attendance, which amount to approx. 30%.

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Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

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standard period of study 9 semesters

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Winter term (September)

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Faculty of Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

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