Part-time Plastics Engineering (B.Eng.)

Programme description (brief)

The part-time course in Plastic Engineering offers a trend-setting qualification corresponding to the requirements of the industry.

North Rhine-Westphalia is a stronghold of the plastic processing industry (“Kunststoffland NRW”). The Plastics Technology combined course reflects the geographical proximity to the corresponding industry branches as the contents of this course are specially tailored to the requirements of the local economy. Graduates specifically specialised in the plastic industry in our region, which is particularly characterised by SMEs, are in especially high demand in the companies.

The principal elements of the course are production processes, product design, simulation (CAE), production management, business economics aspects and quality assurance.

The part-time Course in Plastics Technology is an innovative course: A university qualification which can be completed at the same time as working or completing vocational training. In addition to self-study phases, which form approx. 70% of the course, there are also regular on-site learning phases with required attendance, which amount to approx. 30%.

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Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

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Course length
standard period of study 9 semesters

Beginning of course
winter term (September)

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Faculty of Maschinenbau

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