Design- and Project Management (B.A.)

Programme description (brief)

The Design- and Project Management course is one of a kind in Germany. After all, it combines the expertise of engineers with that of business people and that of designers to create an interdisciplinary professional qualification which offers a range of deployment possibilities in practice.

SMEs in particular are not always in a position to employ people with all the individual skills in their organisation. They need all-round managerial staff, who can advance the company both strategically and operatively. The design- and project managers trained in Soest possess an understanding of planning which can be applied both to creative-interpreting processes in product development and analytical-structuring programmes for corporate development.

The curriculum in Soest, which encompasses design, engineering and management skills, establishing the basis knowledge for cooperation and coordination in interdisciplinary projects and the management of the same. The result is that our students are able to master tasks in the development and realisation of products or in the communication and marketing of services successful.

In addition to the specialist knowledge, the course also teaches the necessary soft skills and corresponding skills for decision-making and responsibility in the project modules. This allows the graduates to be employed directly in practical, relevant roles in companies.

The 7-semester Design- and Project Management course was accredited in 2006 and currently boasts 160 students. Approximately 40 students start the course every year.

Qualifying examination

For this course of studies you have to pass a qualifying examination.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

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Course length
Standard period of study 7x semesters

Beginning of course
Winter term (September)

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Prof. Msc. Marjolein de Wilde

Dominic Glinka, M. Eng.

Sabine Lindhauer, M. Eng.

Katja Wendlandt, B. A.