Early Childhood Education (B.A.)

Programme description (brief)

The Bachelor in Early Childhood Education teaches the knowledge required for promoting development on the basis of humanities and elementary didactics.

In addition to traditional pedagogical subjects, the course also focuses on areas of scientific and engineering education. Alongside the pedagogical qualification, the students also develop skills in the field of project and quality management, in order to qualify them for managerial positions in early education facilities such as child daycare facilities.

The modules of the Bachelor in Early Education are divided into five topic areas. In the "Disciplinary Basics" study area, the students are introduced to the scientific and practical basics for working in early educational fields.

The modules for the professional accompaniment and support of early childhood education and learning processes are compiled in the "Education Areas" study area. The aim of these modules is to provide the students with specialised scientific and didactic knowledge as well as the abilities for integral support in day-to-day pedagogical activities.

The "Field of Work and Institution" area deals with contents concerning the institutional and organisational requirements on work in educational institutions. The practical projects assigned to the "Practical Studies" (4) study area are closely connected to the modules in the education areas and are aimed at the development, accompaniment, reflection and analysis of relevant projects and are performed in the students' future occupational fields.

The "Academic Work" study area offers the students the possibility to prove that they can apply the academic knowledge acquired during their studies.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

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Course length
Standard period of study 7 semesters

Beginning of course
Winter term (September)

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Department of Frühpädagogik

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