Materials Sciences and Surface Engineering (B.Sc.)

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In order to produce commodities you need certain materials. Thinking of such materials, most people think mainly of metals and plastics. But glasses, ceramics and composites are, in their diversity, very important materials too.

Furthermore, every object has a surface that is exposed to the surrounding and we expect certain properties of that surface. Automotive coatings for example are not only supposed to look nice but to protect the surface from corrosion and rock fall.

Surface engineering as well as material sciences have great significance for the sustainability of Germany. Especially for the economic area of South Westphalia, which has a high share of industrial companies focusing on materials and surfaces.

The bachelor program materials and surfaces combines both technologies in one interdisciplinary engineering and scientific approach. Students are introduced to current issues of the material and surface technologies and are enabled to do research on high-tech materials and new coating processes.

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

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Standard period of study 6 semesters

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Winter term (September)

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Faculty of Informatik und Naturwissenschaften

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