Business Administration and Engineering (M.Sc.)

Programme description (brief)

Optimally trained industrial engineers are in great demand as all-round specialists and interdisciplinary thinkers for the key technological and economic challenges in these times of globalisation, climate change, demographic development and both real and virtual mobility. In particular, strategy-oriented and sustainability-oriented product and innovation management and intelligent and cross-company supply chain management will play an important role here in the future, especially with regard to maintaining and expanding on companies' competitiveness.

The Master programme in Business Administration and Engineering in the field of Technical Business Economics has two specialisations: supply chain management and product management. In addition to the selected specialisation, additional information and specialisation is offered in the following fields of competence. Production and information technology and management skills. Networked and systematic thinking forms the core of this methodical management training.

The course is consecutive, in other words, it expands on the Bachelor courses in Industrial Engineering and Business Informatics. The Master qualification opens up new career paths for higher service and doctorates.

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Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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standard period of study 3 semesters

Beginning of course
summer term (March) and winter term (September)

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Faculty of Technische Betriebswirtschaft

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