Medical Computer Engineering (B.Eng.)

Programme description (brief)

Modern medicine cannot exist without modern medical technology. Medical devices are used for patient treatment, patient monitoring and in a lot of other contexts for supporting doctors or nursing staff. But medical devices are not only used in medical practices and health centres, more and more, medical technology is also used by patients themselves, in their homes, in order to be able to continue living independently.

These devices normally have important IT components. Medical computer devices support doctors in complex analyses for diagnostic purposes as well as in the programming for automatic measuring systems and treatment devices. In all these cases, it is crucial that the medical devices these doctors, nurses or patients rely on are reliable and easy to use. Of course, such high standards of informatics are also needed in other context, such as automotive engineering.

In order to respond to the complex requirements of the medical sector, our university trains engineers who are experts in electrical engineering, informatics and medical technology and who have acquired a structured problem solving approach. Key aspects of the degree course are methods in software engineering and project-oriented development planning. Current developments in different parts of the health sector are also part of the degree course.

In the fascinating context of modern medical support this degree course offers a wide-ranging program of modules and opens up excellent job prospects.

Job Prospects
Medical Technology is a continually growing field with excellent career prospects. The B.Eng. degree qualifies its graduates to take on responsible positions, especially in software development and maintenance in medical technology companies, but graduates can also work in other fields where software is used in vital or critical environments. Graduates of the B.Eng. Degree course also have the option of continuing their studies in the Cooperative Masters Course in Electronic Systems.

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Medical Technology

Degree Level
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


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Regular Study Period 7 Semesters

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Every Winter Semester (September)

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