Change of Degree course/ Transfer/ Second Degree course

It is not unusual for students to realize in the first semesters of their degree course that this might not be the right choice for them or that another degree course might suit them better.

Students who would like to change to another degree course at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences or would like to enrol in a second degree course can use the application forms provided on the right.

Students who were previously enrolled at the South Westphalia University or students who have started a degree course at another university and would like to transfer to a degree course at our university can also find application forms on the right.

As there are some important deadlines and some required documentation, it is a good idea to first contact your Student Service Office.

Important Information:

  • Deadlines for Change/ Transfer to Degree Course
  • In some cases, changing your degree course might have an effect on or could lead to the loss of your BAföG grant. For this reasons, it is a good idea to first contact the BAföG Office.
  • You can only change your degree course if you have asked for and received permission from the Student Service Office. For example, if you have finally failed your mechanical engineering degree course, you cannot retake this degree course anywhere in Germany. Some examination regulations further state that you cannot change your degree course if you have already finally failed modules that are also part of the other degree course.
  • Also, you can only change to a degree course for which you fulfil the admissions requirements.
  • If you would like to transfer into a degree course and would like to enter into a higher semester, you must first have your credits recognized by the examination board of your chosen degree course. Without this accreditation, you may not be able to register for the new degree course.
  • If the change of degree course is to take place in the Winter Semester and no credits can be transferred for entry into a higher semester, the student will be enrolled into the first semester of the new degree course. If the degree course has specific entry requirements, the student has to complete the entry assessment. Students must ensure that they submit their application with all required documents and on or before the set deadline. A change of degree course is like a normal first enrolment into a degree course, the same deadlines and documentation requirements apply Deadlines and Application Forms.