You can apply for exmatriculation any time. Once you have been exmatriculated, you are no longer a student member of South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences.

The fees you have paid, i.e. the administration and student fees as well as any fees covering materials can only be reimbursed if the exmatriculation application together with the required documents (student certificate, semester ticket, proof of enrolment) has been received before the Lecture period has started. The decision whether the semester ticket can be reimbursed lies with the student representation body, the AStA at Hagen, Iserlohn and Soest.

In some cases, the exmatriculation may be instigated by the administration (for example, if you have not renewed your enrolment.

If you did not renew your enrolment deliberately, for example because you have completed your studies or because you do not intend to continue your studies, you do not have to act. If you do not renew your semester enrolment, you will automatically receive an exmatriculation document, which you can submit to any authority or which you can submit to a new university where you would like to enrol. The fact that you did not instigate the exmatriculation yourself does not count against you.