Functions of the new Chiporello

Student ID Card

Your new Chiporello card replaces the paper student ID and will be the official document used at the university from spring 2017 onwards. There are two different card versions for students: If you have a card with a photograph, you do not need an additional photo ID. If you choose a card without a photograph, you will need an additional photo ID for identification.

Payment Card

Your Chiporello contains a payment chip on which you can transfer money. This chip enables you to pay cashless for food in all cafeterias of the university, for fines in the library, for services of the IT support or for scripts and study-specific books in some faculties. The payment card is also accepted in many shops and institutions all over Germany.

Library Card

The Chiporello replaces your previous library card at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences. Fines and fees of the library can be paid with.

Future Planned Card Options (not available yet)

Soon, you will be able to pay for printing and photocopying at the university using the payment chip. In future, the Chiporello may also serve as your ID for examinations and for student elections.

Photo upload

Do I have to upload a photograph to be printed onto my card?

You can opt for a Chiporello with or without a photo. Both will make most functions available to you. But with the Chiporello without a photo you will have to carry an alternative photo ID whenever you want to use this as identification, i.e. to receive students discounted meals in the Mensa.

How do I upload the photograph?

Via the Online-Portal you can find a link which enables you to upload a photograph for your Chiporello. The link is for a website on which you can opt for either a Chiporello Card with or without photo ID.

The access data you need to register in the Virtual Service Center will be sent to you by post.

What should the photo look like?

The photo must show your entire face, from chin to the hairline. Both sides of the face must be visible and well-lit. Reflecting glasses, sunglasses or headgear are not allowed (the only exception is a scarf or other headgear that you wear for religious reasons). The photograph does not have to fulfill all passport requirements, but the instructions given on the Passbild-Mustertafel der Bundesdruckerei for taking passport photograph can be a useful guide.