Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of documents are valid for the application?

All those documents that are copies from the originals, as long as they are certified by an official authority, from your university or your home country. For more details refer to the last page of the application form.

Is the certificate from my university enough to prove my English skills?

University certificates will not be accepted. TOEFL or IELTS score is a must.

What is the advantage of the Double Degree?

The course has undergone an international accreditation and validation process as a joint MSc programme of South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and University of Bolton in UK.

The University of Bolton is a full member of The European Association of Universities, meaning that they have full power to award doctorates. For the dual award one semester has to be studied at University of Bolton. The thesis will be done in collaboration with both universities with advisors from both universities.

The dual award option enables you to see different types of study environments, teaching and learning styles. It will also give you much more options in finding employment or being accepted as a PhD student

Can I apply to the MSc. Course by email?

No, it is utterly necessary to apply via UniAssist (

Where do I send my application?

Submit to: Uni Assist

Financial Support

Is the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences a registered member of the Alban program?

Our institution is not listed yet, in the Alban program due to the fact that it exists since two years ago. The European administrators are not that fast.

Until the 31.12.01 our campus belonged to the Paderborn University, which is a registered Alban participant. From 01.01.02 our state government forced us to merge with the former Maerkische Fachhochschule, which is also registered.

Therefore, one can be assured that we are eligible to take in Alban Scholarship holders.

One should look in the Alban web site regarding deadline for applications. For the application they will probably ask the admission letter that we provided.

After Application

Once I have applied, how will I know I’m chosen?

You will be contacted by our Service Center and then will receive an Acceptance Letter or Admission Note.

If I wasn’t admitted the first time, may I apply again?

Yes, you may apply again just by asking the Service Center to consider your application for the next term.

What is the criteria that is used to select the students for the MSc. Program?

Decisions regarding the selection of students are based on the entrance requirements.

After being accepted

What do I need to be able to apply for a Visa to Germany?

Other than the Acceptance Letter or Admission Note, the most important prerequisite is the evidence of financial capability to pay for an 18 months stay in Germany. One should calculate approx. Euro 600.00 per month (including accommodation). In addition to the double degree, it comes to a total sum of Euro 13,500.00 (Euro 10,800.00 expenditure for 18 months plus tuition fees). Therefore you should present a cheque or a bank statement with the previous quantity.

How long does a visa application last?

Well, it pretty much depends on the German immigration authorities, but from our experience it takes up to 8 weeks to have a decision.

How much money is needed for living costs in Soest/Germany?

About Euro 600.00 monthly expenditure, including accommodation, which is cheaper than in other parts of Germany.

Do I need Health Insurance, to remain in Germany?

Yes Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. Our International Office will assist you on that matter, also regarding accommodations, before you arrive in Soest.

How do I get to Soest?

It is advised that the admitted student arrives at Düsseldorf Airport, hence a train connection can be made in the airport, that will bring the student directly to Soest. On weekdays there are trains every hour and on weekends every two hours.

Arriving and living at Soest

How is Soest?

Soest is a small town located between Dortmund and Paderborn. It has a population of around 50 000 inhabitants. It’s a beautiful town that is very suitable for students. Although small, it doesn’t lack the comforts and facilities that are needed. The web site on Soest is:

How do I get help with Accommodations in Soest?

If you are admitted and as soon as you confirm your journey to Soest, Germany, our International Affairs office will help you finding accommodations.

Are there possibilities for jobs on or off campus, for prospective students?

With a student visa, you are not able to opt for a job off campus, unless you’re a member of the European Union.

Within the campus, you are allowed to get a job but we cannot assure that to prospective students. Once you are here, you can start looking for a job opportunity with a professor that might have something available.

Can admitted student establish contact with professors before arriving at the university in order to start discussing final MSc. Projects?

Yes you certainly can, but no response is guaranteed due to their full schedules. However, it is recommended for the student to complete at least the first semester in order to make a decision about topic for the project and the supervising professor.

What do I need to bring along for my stay of 18 months in Germany?

We recommend you bring warm clothes for the winter, consider that the temperatures drop to -10°C plus wind chill factor. And that depending on the chaining weather it can snow or rain. For the summer you should bring light clothes, as it gets very warm towards the middle of the year, between 20°C to 30°C.

Starting with the MSc. program

In case of being admitted, how should I prepare for the course?

The student should review subjects such as Basic Control, Management Theory, Basics of artificial intelligence, Matlab and C programming, in order to get a better grasp of things once the program has started.

Is the German language required for the course?

No, in that regard you only need a very good knowledge of English spoken and written. Although there is no need for another language, we recommend you to brush up on a little German. It is always advisable, in order for the student to better integrate her or him self in an environment on which she/he will be living for the next 18 months.

Do I need to bring a computer?

You don’t need to bring a computer since the university has the facilities especially dedicated for the MSc. Students. All the machines are equipped with the software for each of the courses and a permanent Internet connection. In case you were to decide to bring your own PC, be aware of the German standard regarding electrical specifications (Voltage, connectors)

Do I need to bring any books?

This decision is up you, but be aware that our university’s Library offers a wide range of books in English and in German. The books for the MSc. Course are especially picked or recommended by the lecturers of the respective subjects.

What material is required for the student in order to proceed with the course?

Other the obvious sources of information, the student shall make use of material (desk material: paper, pens, etc) that can easily be acquired on the local super markets at Soest.

Is it possible to get an Internet connection off campus?

Yes, you may get a connection on the place you live, although the price for connection and the Internet service is somewhat expensive for a single student. In case more than two students were to get a connection, the price would considerably decrease.