Traineeships and Placements in Europe

Conditions for participating in the traineeship program

Good language skills in the language of instruction at the host institution or host company are also mandatory.

Students must have a an agreement with a company for a traineeship (the internship must be full time, minimum 37 hours per week)

Traineeships at EU institutions or other EU bodies and organisations that run or support EU programmes cannot be supported through an EU grant.

Participating countries:

You can find a list of countries taking part in the ERASMUS exchange here.

Who is eligible?

Duration of the Traineeship:

2 months to 12 months per study cycle.

Extension of the duration:

As long as the extension does not exceed the maximum duration of 12 months, students can apply for an extension. The application for extension must be submitted to the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Office) before the end of the initial traineeship period.

Grant amount:

The grant amount for the traineeship abroad depends on subsistence cost in the host country. The participating countries are divided into three groups. You can find a list of grant payment amounts here. As from the academic year 2018/2019 grants will be paid to a maximum of 6 months.

Intercultural Training and Language Training

Preparation training activities such as intercultural training and/or language courses in the host country (English language classes are not eligible) can be supported on submission of the original enrolment documents up to an amount of 200€.

Additional support:

Students with a registered disability of more than 50% as well as students with particular circumstances, e.g. studying while caring for a child can apply for additional funding to help reduce their higher financial burden.

Application deadlines:

Application for traineeships must be submitted at least three weeks before the start of the traineeship to the Akadmisches Auslandsamt (International Office) at Iserlohn or Soest.


The written application has to be submitted to the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Office) with all the specified documents before the start of the traineeship abroad. The following documents have to be submitted:

Application Form

• Motivation statement with detailed description of the planned traineeship and how this will help you for your personal development and for your work progress.

• CV/Resume

• Current grade transcript

Language certificate

Return to South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences

The following documents have to be submitted after completion of the traineeship:

• Work reference:

obligatory: hand in a confirmation about your traineeship.

• EU-Online Survey:

obligatory:fill in the EU online survey and submit it (you will be sent an email reminder to do so).

• Self-Assessment of language skills:

obligatory: fill in your Online Linguistic Support and submit it (you will be sent an email reminder to do so).

Advice and Support:

For Iserlohn, Hagen and Lüdenscheid please contact:

Christine Lange | Dezern. 4


02371 566 325


Frauenstuhlweg 31
58644 Iserlohn Raum: H.118


Postfach 2061
58590 Iserlohn

For Soest and Meschede please contact:

Sabine Mahlstedt | Dezern. 4


02921 378 3226


Lübecker Ring 2
59494 Soest Raum: 3.115


Postfach 1465
59474 Soest