Judith Heimann, M.A.
Study Coaching, Specializing in Flexible first year experience Support

Have you experienced learning difficulties in your studies? No matter whether the issue is gaps in your education or private circumstances that make your student life difficult. I can offer an initial coaching session to find out if the Flexible first year model might help you proceed successfully in your studies. If you would like to find out more about this study model, just arrange a meeting via E-Mail or come and see me during my office hours.

Office Hour: Tuesdays 11am-12 and Thursdays 2-5 p m

If you opt for the Flexible first year experience model in either the department of Electrical Engineering (FB EET) or the department of Mechanical Engineering (FB MA), you will be supported by coaching sessions during your first four study semesters.

Flexistudies offers you a study schedule that runs at a reduced pace and spreads the content of the first two semesters across four semesters, in order to allow you to take in more tutorials at the EET Studipoints and M-A Studipoints and provide a solid foundation for the specialization phase of the second half your studies. Your study coach supports you in shaping your study experience by making use of the Flexistudies support and in proceeding successfully in your studies.


Judith Heimann, M.A.
Studierenden-Coaching/Studium Flexibel
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Offene Sprechstunde: Dienstags 11-12 Uhr und donnerstags 14-15 Uhr

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