07 - 10 June 2016

International Partner Days

At our different campus locations Hagen, Meschede, Soest and Iserlohn.

This is the first time that our International Partner Days are celebrated at the different locations at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences.

The programme of our International Partner Days includes presentations by guest lecturers, an international fair and a joint workshop. The objective of our International Partner Days is to inform students and staff of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences of the options available to them for studying, working or teaching abroad.

Enjoy finding out about different countries and study cultures and about working and studying abroad.

These are the dates of events at our different campus locations.

You will find the specific programme for each location at the relevant tab .

Get-Together 9 June at Soest

On Thursday 9 June, there will be a get-together for all guests and FH SWF staff and students (6 -10 pm), where all parties can meet in a relaxed and friendly open get-together.

There will be some programme contributions from local and guest participants and you will have the opportunity to network or just to have a friendly chat.

All student and staff members of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences are invited to attend.

The event is free of charge. If you are interested in attending, you must register before 1 June, as the number of participants is limited. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

There is a shuttle bus to take participants from Hagen, Meschede and Iserlohn to the event in Soest, if enough registrations for the respective campus have been received.

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International Partner Days in Hagen

Tuesday, 7 June

09.45 –
Official welcome to Campus Hagen104Prof. Meike Barfuß
Mr. Christoph Glatz
Lecturers from Hagen and external guests
10.30 –
Lab Tour, Campus Hagen
• Electronics and Solid State Lighting
• Medical Engineering
• Machine Tools, Production Systems / Simulations
LaboratoriesProf. Meike Barfuß
Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Wenk
Mr. Andreas Fox
All external guests
11.15 –
International Market Place 1 (ENG): Presentations/slides by national teams from Italy, China, Russia and Scotland - 15 min each FoyerMr. Christoph Glatz
Prof. Meike Barfuß
Ms. Christine Lange
All students are invited
12.15 –
Lunch breakMensaAll external guests
13.15 –
International Market Place 2 (ENG): Presentations/slides by national teams from Italy, China, Russia and Scotland - 15 min eachFoyerMr. Christoph Glatz
Prof. Meike Barfuß
Ms. Christine Lange
All students are invited
14.00 –
Guests´ Presentations (ENG):
• SAP HANA: a revolution in data processing!
• Studying at Edinburgh Napier University
• International Cooperation within Erasmus
MU13Mr. Klaus Langenberg, Norway
Mr. Tom Grassie,
Ms. Anastasia Kolomiets,
All students are invited
• Student Exchange
• Staff Exchange “How can it be integrated into a module?”
• Problems resolved, future plans
• Presentation of FH-SWF, Campus Hagen
LichthofMs. Christine Lange
Prof. Meike Barfuß
Mr. Christoph Glatz
All guests
17.00Tour through Hagen / company visit WAZ Druck CenterMr. Christoph GlatzAll guests
19.00Dinner in Hagen at Feuervogel (Elbershallen)Prof. Meike Barfuß
Mr. Christoph Glatz
All guests
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International Partner Days in Iserlohn

Friday, 10 June

11.30 – 12.30LunchMensa
12.30 – 12.40WelcomeM 301Prof. Dr. Nicole Rauch & Ms. Dagmar Perizonius
12.40 –
Lecture: Academics for Industry – and Industry for Academics (ENG)M 301Prof. Dr. Antony N. Davies
13.10 –
Lecture: Lithium batteries (ENG)M 301Dr. Lide Rodriguez
13.25 –
Lecture: A scientist’s career with world-wide international networking (ENG)M 301Prof. Dr. H. Michael Heise
13.45 –
Lecture: Globalisation in the automotive industry and consequences for the job hunt (GER)M 301Prof. Christoph Wagener
14.05 – 14.15FH-SWF graduate reports on his exchange-experiences (GER)M 301Mr. Daniel Cairns
14.15 –
Job-interview LIVEM 301Prof. Christoph Wagener & Mr. Daniel Cairns
14.25 –
Going Abroad? How it works! (GER)M 301Staff International Office
14.30 – ENDInternational Café
Discussion and Chat - cakes and coffee for free
FoyerAll students, guests and staff members
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International Partner Days in Meschede

Wednesday, 8 June

10.00 –
Welcome & panel discussion
within the plenary “Studium trifft Praxis” (GER)
Me 8.1
Ms. Sabine Mahlstedt
11.30 –
„Internationaler Jahrmarkt“Foyer
Presentation of module „Cross-Cultural Communication“ (ENG)Ms. Maria Tillmann
Presentation of module „Model United Nations“ (ENG)Ms. Anoush Hope-Fischer
Student exchange experience from New Zealand (GER)Prof. Dr. Scheunemann
Report on South Africa study trip (ENG)Ms. Anoush Hope-Fischer
Ukrainian University Life (ENG)Dr. Oksana Basmanova
Field report on International Business Workshop with Ukrainian University – Preview on study trip (GER)Prof. Dr. Ewald Mittelstädt
Student exchange experience from New Zealand (GER)Prof. Dr. Patrick Scheunemann
Preview on Scotland study trip (ENG)Mr. Neil Davie
Student life between China and Meschede (ENG)Ms. Hongxia Zheng
International Impressions (Study trips to Southern USA,
International Postcard collections, etc.)
Prof. Dr. Mittelstädt
Ms. Maria Tillmann
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International Partner Days in Soest

Thursday, 9 June

9.00 – 11.30ERASMUS Partner Presentation01.014
9.00 –
Welcome & ERASMUS-Briefing (GER)Prof. Dr. Christine Kohring & Ms. Dagmar Perizonius
9.20 –
ERASMUS Partner Presentation (ENG)
Dep. de Comportamento Organizacional e Gestão de Recursos Humanos - ESCE/IPS Setúbal, Portugal
Prof. Dr.
Maria Amélia Marques
9.50 –
ERASMUS Partner Presentation (ENG)
School of Health and Society
Kristianstad University, Sweden
Mr. Torsten Anderson
10.20 –
ERASMUS Partner Presentation (ENG)
Department of Marketing and International Business - Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
Dr. Pio Fenton
10.50 –
At Home in the World – Experience Report by Momal Mushtaq (ENG)
IMIS-Student, “Freedom-Traveller” and ERASMUS-Student
Ms. Momal Mushtaq
11.10 –
International Summer School Soest (ENG)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
FH Südwestfalen, Soest
Prof. Dr. Dina Dreisbach
11.30 - 12.15Lunch breakMensa
12.15 – 13.45Partner Meeting
for the M.A. International Management & Information Systems
13.45 – 17.4521st Workshop
Competence Center E-Commerce
13.45 –
WelcomeProf. Dr.
Peter Weber
14.00 – 14.45ALSO Cloud Marketplace (ENG)
Aleksi Partanen (SVP Digital Services)
ALSO Holding AG, Switzerland
Mr. Aleksi Partanen
14.45 – 15.30Transform your Business with
Digital Learning (ENG)
Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai (Head Sales & Account Management) Crealogix AG, Switzerland
Dr. Daniel
16.00 –
Future Lab Retail 2020 (ENG)
The EU-funded Research Project
Prof. Dr.
Peter Weber
16.15 – 17.00Local Commerce – Online City Wuppertal (ENG)
Roman Heimbold (CEO)
Mr. Roman Heimbold
17.00 – 17.45Regional Shopping Platforms as the Lifeline for
Local Retail (ENG)
Prof. Dr. Gerrit Heinemann
(Head of eWeb Research Center)
Hochschule Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach
Prof. Dr. Gerrit
18.00 –
Get together of all participants in SoestMensa
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