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Personal feedback

Ahmad Seddik Abdelrahman: (NYIT, Abu Dhabi): "It was an enriching experience being part of the international summer school - Soest (ISSS). It gave us the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures particularly the German one. The program was perfectly designed to provide us with intense knowledge about the European and German economy, coupled with the practical experience, through combining high quality lectures, with company and cultural visits within a multicultural environment.
It exceeds being just an academic experience; we really enjoyed the various activities, either social, cultural or leisure. Yet, the course content was challenging, we had enough time to enjoy our stay in Germany. ISSS provided us with different perspectives, besides gaining new colleagues from around the world. I think it couldn´t have been better. Thanks to the program team, wish you all the best"

Elizabeth Hamberger: (NYIT, New York): "The program has allowed me to connect business topics like Quality Control Management and Corporate Social Responsibility that I have learned about in the classroom and how they apply to operating SMEs in the real world. The company visits organized by the university combined with the relevant lectures allowed me to garner firsthand knowledge on crucial German industries and their cultural values. After visiting these companies, I will never be able to think of an Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz the same way again."

Alrick Russell: (NYIT, New York): "The International Summer School 2016 program at Fachhochschule Südwestfalen exceeded my highest expectations! I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to all the Fachhochschule professors and student leaders who participated in exposing our diverse NYIT contingent to a broad cross section of Germany-related topics, issues, and insights. This exceptional program provided me a unique opportunity to not only realize a life-long dream of immersing myself in German culture, but it also acquainted me with leading German companies and institutions. Although the time my study abroad colleagues and I spent in Soest was limited, the experiences and memories we shared will last us a lifetime."

Roxanne Tan: (NYIT, New York): "Leaving home for two weeks seems long and can be a bit scary. Studying abroad was something I’ve always wanted to do. I did not get a chance to do it while I was an undergraduate student and now I’m in graduate school, an opportunity came and I took it. I believe traveling and learning other cultures is the best education." To read Roxanne´s complete field report, please click here!

Prerna Bansal: (NYIT, New York): „German efficiency is world-renowned and my exposure to Germany has helped me attain a global mindset and improve my profile. The program has broadened my overall view of the European Economy. As an international student this was my best first hands-on experience of the European Economy. The program is well-designed to give us maximum insights with a mix of industry visits like Warsteiner brewery, Volkswagen etc. with great faculty members like Prof. Schulz-Beenken, Prof. Dreisbach and Marga Taylor. The program has given me great insights into European industry, culture, economy and geography. It has been an overall amazing learning experience with a lot of fun. Well, the learning one would gain from this program is very different from just having the American experience. The program introduces one to new culture, economy, food, language. I would highly recommend to become part of this great study and fun exposure.”

Jennifer Rock: (NYIT, New York): “I like how this program really immerses you in the German culture and life. Outside of the classroom I enjoyed the company tours of the varying businesses. You get so much more than just a classroom experience. It was by far the best class I have taken. Future students should take this course because of the experience and amount of knowledge acquired within just two weeks.”

Angel Albert: (NYIT, New York): “This is my first ever international study abroad program, and I could not be happier I made the decision to take this course here in Soest, Germany. I have gained so much on this trip that I would not have otherwise. The knowledge and the teaching skills of our professors along with the fluency and perfection in English are commendable. They were so kind and never once turned away a student who asked for help. Besides this I was extremely happy to have visited so many different industries and gain insight into business and manufacturing in Europe. All in all, this study abroad program was entirely worth it. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow students.”

Indra Maulana: (SGU, Jakarta): “The International Summer School Soest was an incredibly enriching experience for me. Besides getting to know students from around the world, I also enjoyed learning about the European Economy, European Integration and the European Central Bank. Besides the classes that I joined, I like how the program took us for city tours to introduce us to some German culture. And I also liked the company visits to VW and Warsteiner brewery. I will never forget these two weeks. Every day was always another great day. Therefore, I really recommend the ISSS program to other students, because it really helps you to gain experiences and knowledge. And also colleagues from abroad that can make you have broader connections.”

7th International Summer School Soest (ISSS) 2014 Test. 2

Gina Dorso: “This program not only gave us the opportunity to learn about German and European markets, but it also gave us the opportunity to explore the rich culture of Germany. Everyone involved in the program was so generous and made sure that we were always having fun while learning. The company visits gave us the opportunity to get a hands-on understanding of how companies might differ from America. The program was truly amazing and something I will remember forever.”

7th International Summer School Soest (ISSS) 2014 Test. 3

Laith Abuhamdan:”This program melped me to know more about the European culture and the German in specific. The lectures were very interesting. I had some general information but now I’m happy that I learned things about the EU and the economic crisis of some European countries. I was also impressed after seeing many factories in Germany, for instance Infineon, Mercedes-Benz, Warsteiner beer, and others.”

7th International Summer School Soest (ISSS) 2014 Test. 4

Niket Patel:”One should take part in this program to get in touch with people coming from different countries. It will improve your communication skills.The program on European Economy, Engineering and Industrial experience keeps you engaged the whole time. Excursions in near-by cities are an excellent idea to get to know about German life and culture. I learned a lot about german geography and European economy I was not aware of. I liked the management of the schedule for everyday activities and the good organization. Industrial live experience was the best part of the trip.”

7th International Summer School Soest (ISSS) 2014 Test. 1

Vasista Gandhe: ”There is a big reason for taking part in the next ISSS because I learned more about European and German culture. The college is located in a spacious environment unlike Manhattan. Inter-cultural exchange and access to big companies like Daimler-Benz, Infineon and Warsteiner were very interesting. The most interesting lectures to me were on the IMF, the Euro zone, world bank and how the ECB works aswell as the practical experience we got in the German exhibition DASA on working world (world’s biggest laptop etc.). “

"Hey, I'm Shanna-Kae Mallett, a Student at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). My experience here in the summer program was simply amazing. You meet great people and form strong cultural bonds. The location is ideal for any student. The campus is mid-sized with the latest tools for learning available. I liked the lectures in which we were all able to apply our own cultural experiences to that of the German community."

"Hello, my name is Dylan Rosales and this trip has been an eye-opening experience for me. I have seen so many beautiful cities here in Germany that I would never thought to see. The class was at times challenging but in the end a very rewarding knowledgeable experience. Even though Soest is small there was never a moment of boredom, thanks to the program I met amazing students and enjoyed life-lasting memories here at the program."

"My name is Rocio Vaquero and I am from Brooklyn, NY (U.S.A). This year I decided to participate in a summer study abroad program that the NYIT School of Management offered. I think it’s an excellent way to spend the summer. Not only do you get the opportunity to learn and experience a different scholastic setting, but also be exposed to a new culture and see a new country. It was wonderful getting to meet and interact with professors from another country and getting there perspective on various subject matters. I loved how the German host ensured that students get to site see, but also have us see how German businesses operate. There are not that many opportunities where you travel to another country and get to see first-hand the ins and out of manufacturing companies, experience taking a course in another country and have your own personal tour guide. The study abroad program is an excellent way to spend two weeks learning and having a good time."

“Hi, my name is Ralph Schubert and I am a business administration and management student at NYIT. In taking this summer course in Soest I have learned a lot more than I expected to! Lectures discussing the central bank and the international financial markets were extremely useful and interesting. Getting involved and participating in numerous discussions has greatly helped myself to better understand how Germany as well as other European countries grow to become as successful as they are. The level in which we were taught was professional and this level of professionalism has lead me to learn more about both the culture and economy of Germany. In the future I would love to keep contact with the professors I have met here at the university!”