BE! - Center for Business Education

The Center for Business Education - BE! coordinates different education and research activities on the Soest campus which have two characteristics: they support business activities and are internationally focused.

So far, the following programs and labs are involved:

Executive Board
(with their responsibilities within the BE! - Center for Business Education):
Prof. Dr. Dina Dreisbach (PhD-cooperation / ISSS) (Course Director BBA)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Gerlach (SWICE)
Prof. Dr. Henrik Janzen (Coordinator BE!)
Prof. Dr. Ralf Plattfaut (PIAL)
Prof. Dr. Peter Weber (CCEC, Course Director IMIS-Online)
Prof. Dr. Valerie Wulfhorst (Course Director IMIS)

BE! - Center for Business Education

Prof. Dr. Henrik Janzen
phone: + 49 (0)2921 378-3465
mobile: +49 0170 285 9969

Campus Soest
Lübecker Ring 2
D - 59494 Soest