SWICE: South Westphalia International Center for Entrepreneurship




Sept 26, 2018: SWICE invites you to the START TO START UP lecture series. It launches on Oct. 17, 2018. Get inspired by high-class speakers from the entrepreneurship-scene!
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Barcamp on Nov. 15, 2018

Nov 07,2018: SWICE invites you to the next Barcamp on Nov. 15, 2018 at 11am till 1 pm. If you want to discuss your idea or project in an easy atmosphere and receive valuable feedback then come to the Barcamp.

SWICE Report 2017

Mai 30, 2018: SWICE is proud to announce that it had a successful year 2017. If you want to learn more about SWICE and its activities in 2017 have a look on the SWICE Report 2017
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New study on entrepreneurial behaviour of foreign students

Feb 09, 2016: SWICE conducted a study on entrepreneurial behaviour of foreign students on Soest campus. The results show that foreign students are more likely to start a company. Furthermore they want to generate more jobs than german students. Read the whole study here!

Campus Start-up Grant available now

Jan 04, 2017: The Start-up Grant "Campus Start-up" provided by SWICE and Volksbank Hellweg eG is available now. Conact us for more information or read more here .

SWICE - Realizing opportunities

The South Westphalia International Center for Entrepreneurship (SWICE) is an interdisciplinary research and support center at the South Westphalia University of Applied Siences, campus Soest, Hagen and Iserlohn, aimed at promoting entrepreneurial thinking and initiative by realizing opportunities, fostering innovation, supporting proactive problem-solving and teaching responsible entrepreneurial management.


The SWICE is to be a hub offering competent business advice and support for entrepreneurial initiatives from students, alumni and researchers of any nationality and in any area of business and engineering.

The practice-oriented research projects in the areas of

of the SWICE are geared towards expanding the knowledge base in the area of entrepreneurship and towards creating and supporting an entrepreneurial culture.

The SWICE-Lab, a workspace for company founders, is intended to accompany and support young start-up entrepreneurs especially in business areas of research and knowledge industry in their progress from first idea to founding of a company. Start-ups powered by SWICE


Das South Westphalia International Center for Entrepreneurship (SWICE) ist eine Initiative am Campus Soest, Hagen und Iserlohn, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, chancenorientiertes, innovatives, proaktives und verantwortungsvolles unternehmerisches Handeln zu fördern.

Als zentrale Anlaufstelle für unternehmerische Initiativen, dient das SWICE Studierenden, Absolventen sowie Forschenden aller Fachbereiche und aller Nationalitäten als kompetenter Ansprechpartner. Durch praxisnahe Forschung und Lehre auf den Gebieten

  • Innovation und Corporate Entrepreneurship (Unternehmertum im Unternehmen)
  • Unternehmensnachfolge
  • Unternehmensgründung und
  • Social Entrepreneurship

will das SWICE die Wissensbasis auf dem Gebiet des Entrepreneurships verbreitern und zur Schaffung einer Unternehmerkultur beitragen.

Im SWICE-Lab, dem Coworking Space am Campus Soest, sollen darüber hinaus junge Unternehmer von der Idee bis zur Gründung begleitet und insbesondere forschungs- und wissensbasierte Start-ups unterstützt werden. Aktuelle Start-ups