Process Innovation & Automation Lab

Mission and Vision

The process innovation & automation lab is a virtual laboratory within the Department of Electrical Engineering at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, campus Soest.
We are focused on practical research in the area of digital process management, especially process innovation and process automation. These topics are also included in study courses on bachelor and master level as well as in trainings for practitioners.
Our research is about both creating new solutions and empirically understanding the usage of concepts, methods, and tools.
We are always looking for partners from the industry for, e.g., joint research projects, bachelor or master theses, and inclusion into our teaching efforts.


Understanding the current state of RPA in German organizations

We are currently working with several organizations to understand the current state of RPA in Germany. This is done through interviews and case study research.


Ralf Plattfaut

Ralf Plattfaut is a Professor for Business Informatics at Fachhochschule Südwestfalen. He leads the business process innovation and automation lab and has a strong focus on digital transformation and information systems. Before joining the Fachhochschule he worked for an international consulting company. He has published multiple articles in international journals and presented his work on various conferences.

Vincent Borghoff

Vincent Borghoff is a research associate in the Process Innovation and Automation lab. His main focus lies within the field of organizational change due to process automation.

Gadir Seyidov

Gadir Seyidov is supporting RPA and business process optimization projects of the Lab as a student assistant. He is involved in maintaining the webpage, creating media contents and presentations, and designing of automation solutions.



The process innovation & automation lab has an academic partnership with UiPath, one of the leading providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions.


Demo Examples