Part-time Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Programme description (brief)

In the field of computer science technological developments are so dynamic that constant adjustments of the syllabus to the current state of the art and the needs of modern businesses are a key requirement for applied teaching. The combined studies programme BSc in Applied Computer Science focusses on the most relevant application fields of informatics and teaches key skills and applications for positions in industry, business, research and administration, with a particular focus on software applications and integrated systems.

The combined studies program BSc in Applied Computer Science is designed for trainees and full-time employees, in particular those working as IT technicians, IT systems technicians or skilled IT workers, who would like to increase their training in the areas of designing software applications and integrated systems and would like to complete an accredited degree programme at a German university.

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Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

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Standard period of study 9 semesters

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Winter term (September)

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Faculty ofInformatik und Naturwissenschaften

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