Application Procedure

International applicants

On behalf of its member universities, uni-assist checks which entitlement study applicants have to study in Germany based on the ZaB's guidelines. Providing this type of expert opinion is uni-assist's main task. Most universities also entrust uni-assist with checking further criteria, either formal or dependent on the course of study. If an applicant is entitled to study and fulfils all of the university's application requirements in full and on time, uni-assist will forward their application on to the university in electronic form. The university alone will then carry out the selection and admission process and issue letters of admission and rejection.

Please apply via the internet at: ASSIST e.V.
Application at ASSIST (additional information here )

Please click here for an overview of all neccessary documents you have to send with your application.

German applicants and formally on equal terms with a german applicant

Application for prospective students, who have made their higher education entrance qualification in Germany or members of European Union Countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway use the online application from the homepage of the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen.