Katrin Häuser, M.A.

Welcome to the student coaching service at Soest.

Katrin Häuser | Fachbereich Agrarwirtschaft


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Lübecker Ring 2
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Welcome to the student coaching service at Soest!

There are many problems that can affect your studies, a study coach can support you in overcoming these obstacles. We will look at your problems together in a one-to-one conversation and we can then look at ways to manage your problems.

Drop-in session (for short queries): Mo 10.00 to 12.00 pm

If you would like to arrange a longer one-to-one session, please make an appointment with me via email. You can find more information at this link Coaching sessions

Possible coaching issues:

• Getting started and finding your feet in your studies

• Managing your learning and time management

• Personal issues affecting your studies